Working with the FN1000 Timeclock and the uPunch Mobile Application

    Welcome to the uPunch Mobile App, we are glad you are here.

    Setting up your account will be easy, we'll be asking a few questions to get you up and running soon.

    If this is your first time here and have downloaded the app already continue with Sign Up option. If you have an account already go to the Login option.

    Sign Up

    When you open the app you will go ahead and select the Sign Up option to start your account.


    Create your account by entering the following information:

    • Enter your Company Name.
    • Enter your Administrator First and Last name. 
    • Enter your email address, you will get an email with your username and password when you have finish setting up your account.



    Create a Password.

    Note: your password should contain at least 4 characters that include 1 number, 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter and 1 symbol.

    Tap on the eye icon to view the password entered.


    Select your Pay Period:

    • Weekly, when paid once a week.
    • Biweekly, when paid every other week.
    • Semimonthly, when paid twice a month.
    • Monthly, when paid once a month.


    For a Weekly pay period, select the day you want to start the work week. Tap on next to view a preview.


    For Biweekly pay period, select the date you want to start the pay period. Tap on next to view a preview.



    For a Semimonthly pay period, select the start of the work week and then select the dates of the month you start the pay periods. Tap next to view a preview.


    For a Monthly pay period, select the start of the work week and then select the date of the month you start the pay period. Tap next to view a preview.


    Next, select the time of day where most employees start work. Specifying this timeframe helps accurately calculate time cards and can be customized per employee in the settings. Tap next to continue.


    Select the Hour Format, making sure it matches the hour format of your device. Tap Next to continue.


    Select the minute format to be displayed on time card calculations:

    • Standard displays minutes in :00 - :59
    • Tenths displays minutes in .0 - .9
    • Hundredths displays minutes in .00 - .99

    Tap Next to continue.


    If you want to set up Overtime calculations select from Weekly or Biweekly calculations. Otherwise, tap Next to continue.


    When selecting Weekly Overtime, select after how many hours worked an employee will meet overtime. Tap Next to continue.


    When selecting Biweekly Overtime, select after how many hours worked an employee will meet overtime. Tap Next to continue.


    Next, select if you would like to setup Daily Overtime.

    When enabled select after how many hours worked the user will meet overtime. 


    Almost done, add your first employee. Enter the First Name and Last Name of the employee. 

    Optionally, enter the Pay Rate per hour.

    Select the time this employee begins most of their shifts to help calculate time cards, Morning or Evening/Afternoons.

    You may skip adding your first employee, however you will need to add one later.


    At this point, you can add more employees by tapping the plus sign on the bottom right (+). Tap on Finish when you have added all your employees.


    Congratulations, you're ready to start using uPunch! Check your email for your username and password.

    Tap Done to go to the dashboard.

    Next: Settings Overview


    This page will give an overview and definition of the uPunch mobile app settings.

    • Pay Period allows selection of one of the following pay period types: Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly. If you would like to learn more about how Pay Periods work in the uPunch Mobile App click here<link to payperiod setup page>.
    • Overtime settings will help you calculate when overtime pay is earned by your employees. This setting allows you to turn overtime on or off and to adjust the time required to earn overtime. To see more information on overtime click here<link to overtime setup page>.
    • Time format allows you to choose either a 12-hour or 24-hour clock format. It will also allow you to choose a minute format for calculations. Click here to learn about these options <link to time format page>
    • Account settings will allow you to view and edit your Company name. This company name was created during setup.
    • Admin Information gives you access to view or update your administrator name or email address that was chosen during the initial setup.


    After making any changes to the settings we recommend you take a look at the Dashboard

    Next: Pay Period Setting


    This article provides information regarding the Pay Period Settings.

    To view the current Pay Period Settings, complete the following steps:

    1. From the Dashboard, Select the Settings icon.
    2. Select the Pay Period tab.

      This page will display the current Pay Period Information, along with the dates for the next 4 pay periods.


    To edit the current Pay Period Settings, complete the following steps:

    1. From the Pay Period Settings page, select the EDIT icon.
    2. Select the desired Pay Period Type.
      1. For Weekly Pay Period > select the day of the week that your Workweek begins and press NEXT.
      2. For Bi-Weekly Pay Period > select the day of the month that your Pay Period begins and press NEXT.
      3. For Semi-Monthly Pay Period > select the days of the month that your Pay Period begins and press NEXT.
      4. For Monthly Pay Period > select the day of the month that your Pay Period begins and press NEXT.
    3. Review the newly configured Pay Period Settings and if everything appears correct, press SAVE.

      NOTE: The new pay period has an effective date of the day after the last day of the current pay period (Ex: Current weekly pay period ends 8/31/2018, new pay period effective date will be 9/1/2018)

    Next: Overtime Setting


    This page will go through Overtime Settings for the uPunch Mobile App. After reading this page, the user will be able to update/edit Overtime Settings. 

    Overtime settings are global and affect all employees. 


    Weekly/Biweekly Overtime

    There are three options for the Weekly/Biweekly Overtime settings. 

    OFF - This will disable weekly/biweekly overtime calculations. 

    Weekly - The overtime calculation will occur at the end of a 7 day period.

    Biweekly - The overtime calculation will occur after a 14 day period. 

    Starts After- This will set the hour threshold for the weekly overtime calculation. Any regular hours earned above this amount will be converted into Weekly/Biweekly Overtime Hours at the end of the given period. 

    Make sure to select the Save to confirm any changes made. 

    Daily Overtime

    OFF / ON - You can disable or enable the Daily Overtime Calculations by toggling this option.

    Starts After - This will set the hour threshold for the daily overtime calculation. Any regular hours earned over this daily limit will be converted into Daily Overtime Hours.

    Make sure to select the Save to confirm any changes made. 

    Next: Time Format 

    Any changes made to the Hour or Minute format will affect all timecards. 

    The timezone is determined by your phone's settings. 

    Hour Format

    You can update how hours are displayed here. 

    12 Hour - This will use Standard AM and PM format. For example; 04:30PM

    24 Hour - This will use Military Time format. For example; 16:30

    After any changes, makes sure to select Save at the bottom of the page.

    Minute Format

    You can update how minutes are displayed here. <The screenshot above is from the Set Up section, notice the "Next" at the bottom of said page.>

    Standard - This will display one hour divided into 60 mins. Example, if an employee works 1 hour and 37 mins, it is displayed as 01:37.

    Tenths - This displays the minutes in a decimal format, rounded to the nearest tenth. Example, if an employee works 1 hour and 37 mins, it is displayed as 1.6.

    Hundredths - This displays the minutes in a decimal format, founded to the nearest hundredth. Example, if an employee works 1 hour and 37 mins, it is displayed as 1.62.

    After any changes, makes sure to select Save at the bottom of the page.

    Next: Account Name

    Any changes to the Company Name can be made under the Account Settings.

    The max length for the Company Name is 50 characters. 


    After making any changes, make sure to select the Save button at the bottom of the page.

    Next: Admin Setting

    If you would like to update the Administrator's information such as Name, Email, or Password. Follow the steps below.

    From the Dashboard, select Settings.

    From the Setting menu, you'll see the Administrators name.

    Tap on Admin to view the details.

    On the Admin screen you are able to edit any field, when done tap Save to save any changes.

    Note: Password must be at least 4 characters and contain 1 number, 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, and 1 symbol.

    Next: Dashboard Overview

    The Dashboard will be the first screen you see after logging in. You can access all features of the uPunch Mobile App from the Dashboard.


    Time Card - Select this to add, edit and view employee Time Cards.

    Employees - Select this to edit and view your employee's information.

    Settings - Select this to access any general account Settings. From here you can edit Administrator, Pay Period, Overtime, Time Format, or Account settings.

    Logout - This will log you out of your account. You will be asked to log in using your credentials.

    You can also access the Support page by selecting the three horizontal lines in the top left corner.

    Next: View/Add/Edit Employees

    Once you are able to login to the mobile app and setup your account, you will then be able to manage your employees' data from the app.

    Viewing Employees

    To view a list of your employees, tap on Employees

    Adding New Employees

    To add a new employee, tap on the + icon (bottom right corner)

    Enter your Employee’s First Name, Last Name, and time the employee begins most of their shifts (Morning Afternoon/Night), then tap Save

    Note: You can also add an employee’s Pay Rate (optional)

    Editing Employee Info

    To edit an employee’s information, tap on Employees

    Then tap on an employee’s name to open the employee’s profile

    From the employee’s profile you can then make changes by tapping on First Name, Last Name, Hourly Rate, and time of shift (Morning or Afternoon/Night)

    Next: Add/Edit Time Cards




    As employees punch in/out, they may perform an invalid punch or forget to punch entirely.

    As the Administrator, you can manually add/edit punches to ensure all times are entered properly into the timecard.

    To Add/Edit time on an employee's timecard, complete the following steps:

    1. From the Dashboard page, select the Time Card icon.
    2. Navigate between pay periods by selecting the arrow buttons at the top of the page. Select the tab, with total hours logged, below the name of the employee whose time you'd like to add to/edit.

      NOTE: If the employee does not have time on a timecard, select the add time card tab, select the ENTER icon, then select NEXT.

    3. Enter IN and OUT times by tapping the box in the row that aligns with your uPunch time card.
    4. Scroll to select the hour and minute, select OK to save. To discard changes, select CANCEL. To remove the punch, select the trash icon.

      TIP: To remove an entire row of data, simply swipe right on the row you wish to delete and select DELETE.
    5. Once all time card data has been entered accurately, select Calculate to see a summary of the time card.
    6. Select DONE to return to a list of employees' timecards.


    Next: Scan Time Cards

    It's time to scan your time cards to get your pay period totals, with the uPunch app its a breeze.

    From the Dashboard select the Time Card option.

    Select an employee from the list and tap on "Add Time Card". 

    You will have the option to Scan or to Enter manually. Select Scan to continue.

    Depending on your Pay Period, you will need to scan one side or both sides of the time card.

    Scan the Front of the Time Card first and then scan the Back of the Time Card if needed.

    Review the directions of what to capture on the screen, then tap Start To Scan to continue.


    Your default camera application will be used to capture the image.

    Have the blue square around the In and out Times as shown in the image below. 

    Tap the capture button to take the picture. 

    Scan Tips: 

    1. Place time card flat on dark surface in brightly lit area.
    2. Ensure entire punch area is within the framed area.
    3. Press the capture picture button when ready and hold the device steady until picture is taken.

    Note: If there was an error scanning the time, you will get an error notification, please try scanning the time card again.


    If prompted, select the Back of Time Card and follow the steps above to scan the back of time card. 


    Once both sides have been completed tap Next option to continue.

    The uPunch app will process the scanned time cards and display the read times on the employees time card.


    The time card will generate all the time that was read by the time clock.

    Review all times for the days before tapping Calculate.

    Edit any time that needs to be corrected by tapping on the time cell and selecting the correct time.

    For any time that has an exclamation point in red, the time was not able to be captured successfully and will need to be manually entered.

    To delete a whole row swipe left and tap on Delete

    Once the times on the time card are correct tap the Calculate button to continue.

    Time card will be calculating, this may take a moment. 


    After the calculations are done the time card will display your pay period totals.

    Tap on Done to continue.


    Next: Calculate Time Cards

    Time cards are calculated after you either scan the time card or enter the time card manually. To scan time card go to Scan Time Card.

    When all the times on the time card have been entered correctly, tap on the Calculate button. 

    The time card will be calculated and then display the following Pay Period totals:

    • Regular hours.
    • Daily Overtime hours if there was an overtime rule setup.
    • Weekly Overtime hours if there was a weekly overtime rule setup.
    • Gross amounts will display for each total if there was a pay rate assigned to the employee. 



    Next: View Time Cards

    How to View Time Cards on the uPunch Mobile App

    Once you have added employees and time cards to the mobile app, you will be able to view your employees' time cards.

    Tap on the Time Card icon to display a list of your employees' time cards

    Note: If you have not added employees, you will see an error message. 


    You will now be brought to the Time Cards Menu

    Note: If you have added an hourly rate for your employees, your time card menu will display


    Choose your Pay Period by tapping the green arrows in between the date ranges


    To view an employee's time card, tap on the employee's name


    Scroll down to view entire time card

    Next: Email Time Cards


    Employees' punch data may be used in a separate program to process payroll for the pay period. As the Administrator, you can email the employees' total time logged for the current pay period.

    NOTE: This Pay Period Report is only available in CSV format

    To email employees' logged time for the pay period, complete the following steps:


    1. From the Dashboard, select the Time Card icon.
    2. Select the Email icon at the bottom right corner of the page.
    3. Enter the email address where you'd like to receive the Pay Period Report, and select SEND.

      If the timecard sent successfully, the following page will appear and you can press DONE to return to the list of employees' time cards.

      NOTE: If you receive an error when pressing the SEND icon, double check to make sure a valid email address was entered in the receiving field. (Invalid: testuser // Valid:

    Next: Forgot Password


    How to Reset Your Password via Email

    In the event that you have forgotten your password or are having trouble logging into your account, here are the steps you can take to gain access to login to your uPunch Mobile App again.

    1. Tap on Forgot password
    2. Tap on the Email Address text box and enter your email address

    3. Tap Done and then check your email inbox for instructions on resetting your password

    Note: If you have not yet registered an email address to a uPunch Account, you will not be able to use this feature.




    Our Support Contact Info via uPunch Mobile App

    In the event that you need additional support with uPunch, you can find our contact information on the uPunch Mobile App.

    1. Once you are logged into the app, tap on the icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

    2. You will then see a menu that shows our uPunch support contact information

    Note: The number listed below the email address is our text message support number

    Note: You will also see the current version of the app on this menu at the bottom of the menu