uAttend Staffing Smartphone App

    The uAttend Staffing Smartphone App eliminates the manual process by allowing users to Punch IN and OUT to any client they are assigned to from within a single screen. Gain access to this versatile tool with a simple login process and user-friendly setup. The time and attendance data is instantly sent to the cloud in real time. All cloud policies are automatically integrated into the app. 


    The following information is needed for employees to successfully login to the uAttend Staffing App:

    • Master Console Site Name.
    • A unique PIN in the employee profile, refer to Add/Edit/View Employee.
    • Email address (optional) to get the site name emailed to them if they do not remember it.  
    • Setup Geo-Locations (optional) for punching restrictions, refer to Setting Up Geo-Locations.


    Download and Login:

        1. Download and Install the uAttend Staffing app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

        2. Open the uAttend Staffing app and enter your organization's master console site name and then tap Next to continue.



    •  Note: If you do not have your master console site name tap on Find my master console site name and enter your email to receive your site name by email. Your administrator from your organization can also provide the master console site name.




        3. Enter your PIN assigned by your administrator and tap Next to continue.





        4. After successfully login in with the PIN, select the Client that you want to log into. You can also search by tapping in the search field for the client. 




        5. Once logged in to the client you will view the following:

    • Current Status with Time and Date of Punch
    • Profile Picture or Initials: Tapping on this will open the Menu options, refer to Menu options below.
    • Quick and All options: The All options displays all the punch options available. The Quick option will display the next punch most likely to be used from the current status. For example: If your current status is Punched IN, the next Quick punch options displayed will be Start Rest, Start Meal, or Punch Out. 
    • Punch Options: Punch In, Punch Out, Start/End Meal (If available), Start/End 
    • Department Transfer option (If available): Tap on Department Transfer before punching in or after punching out of a department.




        6. Punch by swiping the Center Time Circle from the center to the Punch option you wish to perform, you will receive a successful message after the punch.




        7. If the punch is outside a Geo-Location that was setup in the account, you will receive a message that the punch is not able to be performed at that location. Refer to Setting Up Geo-Locations.




    Lockout Messages

    You will receive a lockout message if you try to perform a punch within the same minute or if there are meal or rest restrictions set up on the account. For example: If there is a 30 minute meal setup, you will not be able to perform an "End Meal" punch until after 30 minutes of the "Start Meal" time.




    Menu Options:

    Tap on the profile picture or the initials on the top right to get the Menu options. The following options display:

    • Profile Picture or Initials
    • First and Last Name
    • Client Name currently logged into.
    • Switch Client: Tap on Switch Client to get a list of clients and select a different client to log into.
    • Logout: Allows you to logout of the app.
    • Version number of the uAttend Smartphone app.




    Switching Clients

        1. Tap on the Profile picture or the initials to get the Menu.

        2. Select the Switch Client option.

        3. Select the client you wish to log into. 


    • Note: You will need to be punched out of the current client to successfully switch clients.