Administrators can enter and manage user data in the uPunch system. You can set up 50 employees total. 

    Customize each user profile by using the settings found on the Users page.

    For information on setting up users, see Adding Users.

    For information on user profiles, see User Settings.

    For information on removing users, see Removing Users.

    After you set up departments, you will add employees to your uPunch account and assign them to the departments. You can also customize each user's profile by using the settings found on the Users page.
    To add a user, follow these steps:

    1.  Click the Users tab on the main menu.

    2.  Click the Add Employee link.

    3.  In the First Name field, enter the user's first name.

    4.  In the Last Name field, enter the user's last name.

    5.  To assign the user to a department, select the user's home department from the Department drop-down menu.

    6.  To enable the Department Transfer feature for this employee, select Yes from the drop-down menu.

    7.  Enter any additional user information in the fields that appear.

    8.  Click Save & Continue to continue adding user information, click Save & Add New to add a new user, or click Save & Close.

    The following options appear on the user profile screen. To access this screen, click the Users tab and click the name of the user whose profile you wish to edit.

    • Rolethe role (administrator or employee) assigned to the user.
    • First/Last Name—the name of the employee.
    • Username/Password - (for Administrator account only) Update username and password
    • Home Department—the home department to which the employee belongs.
    • Email—the employee's email address.
    • Phone—the employee's phone number.
    • Employee Payroll ID—reference number for salary reports.
    • Department Transfer—allows the employee to transfer departments, allowing work hours to be assigned to multiple departments.
    • Employee Information—blank fields used to enter employee information.
    • Status—indicates whether an employee is active or archived.

    The accrual settings allow you to customize the rate at which vacation and sick hours are calculated for a particular user.

    To set up vacation or sick hours for a user, follow these steps:

    1.  Click the Users tab on the main menu.

    2.  Select the user's name from the list.

    3.  Click the Accrual link.

    4.  Enter the start day of the accrual. You can set this to any date.

    There are two types of accruals: Vacation and Sick.

    5.  In each section, enter the starting balance of hours for each type of accrual (if applicable).

    6.  In each section, enter the rate at which hours accrue for this user.

    7.  Click Save.

    Archiving a User

    You can remove users from your account, but they will be archived rather than permanently deleted from the system. To archive a user, follow these steps:

    1.  Click the Users tab on the main menu.

    2.  Select the user’s name from the list.

    3.  Scroll down to the Status section at the bottom of the screen.

    4.  Click the Edit link.

    5.  From the drop-down menu, select Archived, then click Save.

    The employee is now removed from the active users list and will appear in the archived users list.

    Unarchiving a User

    If you ever need to unarchive the employee, follow these steps: 
    1.  Click the Users tab on the main menu.

    2.  Click the Archived Users link.

    3.  Click the Unarchive link to the right of the user’s name.

    The employee is now back on the active users list.