Admin Menu

    To access the admin menu, tap on the admin menu button located on the bottom left of the idle screen:


    Type in the admin pin number - 02953373. The admin menu will display.



    Fingerprint can only be registered through the time clock. Once the fingerprints are registered, the employee's profile in the client account will be updated to reflect that a fingerprint has been registered. To register a fingerprint, follow these steps:

    1. Access the admin menu.


    2. Tap on User Management from the admin menu.

    3. A list of users in the client account will display.

    4. Search or scroll to find the user you want to register fingerprint for and tap their name.

    5. The Register Fingerprint Flow will display, follow the step by step instructions:






    The Time Clock Management option from the admin menu will contain the following options:

    • Network Settings
    • Update Software
    • Upload Database
    • Reassign Time Clock



    Updating your uAttend Staffing time clock will allow you to receive all the new features and enhancements we have released. To update your time clock, follow these steps:

    1. Locate the Admin Menu button on the bottom left corner of your dashboard screen.

    2. 587pxEnter the admin PIN number: 02953373
    3. From the admin menu, tap Time Clock Management.

    4. Tap Update Software.

    5. If there is an update available, an option will display that says Check For Updates. Tap the button to start the update.

      Note: If Check For Updates is not available, your time clock is up-to-date.

    6. The update will restart the system. Your time clock is now on the latest version. To check your software version, repeat steps 1-5 above.

    You can upload pictures for your users so you can easily identify them. The picture will be used in all client accounts associated to the user and also on the time clock (if applicable). To add or edit a picture, follow these steps:

    Add Picture

    1. From the time clock login screen, enter the Admin Pin Number.

    2. Tap User Management and a list of all active employees for the client account will display.

    3. Tap on the Employee and the user profile should display.

    4. Tap on the camera icon located below the user picture. The time clock's camera will be activated.


    5. By default, the 3 second timer is selected. You can control the timer options by selecting the setting located on the left side of the screen.

    6. You can click the back button located on the top left corner to go back to the user profile screen.

    7. Take a picture by clicking on the blue button located on the right side of the screen.


    8. After you take a picture, you can crop the picture so that it fits within the circular frame. Anything outside of the frame will be cropped.
    9. Once you have ensured that the picture you want is within the circular frame, you have the option to confirm the picture, retake the picture, or cancel.


    10. Click the check button (confirm picture) to save the picture. Now the picture will be used on the time clock and uploaded to any client accounts the user is associated to.


    Edit Picture

    1. From the time clock login screen, enter the Admin Pin Number.

    2. Tap User Management and a list of all active employees for the client account will display.

    3. Tap on the Employee and the user profile should display.

    4. To delete a picture, click on the delete icon located below the picture.
      • This is only applicable if you have a picture. If the user has a default user icon, there will be no delete option. To change the default user icon, please go to the client portal.


    5. The user will receive a prompt to confirm the delete.

    6. Tap delete to delete the picture or cancel to close the prompt.


    Your time clock will now notify you once there is an update available. An update notification will display on your idle screen, admin menu, and time clock management.


    Touch the screen and enter the Admin Settings PIN 02953373.


    Touch "Time Clock Management"


    Touch the "Update Software" icon.

    The software will automatically download and install. After a reboot the clock will be running the latest version of our uAttend Staffing software. 



    A time clock admin will now be able to reassign the client account that the time clock is associated to, directly from the time clock. This is similar functionality to the “Reassign” feature in the “Time Clocks” page in the Master Console.

    To access reassign time clock, enter your Administrative Menu, and click Time Clock Management, then select "Reassign Time Clock".

    Once there, select the client you want to reassign the time clock to:


    Then, you can change the time clock name, or time zone. You do not have to change the time clock name or time zone if don’t want to.



    Once you have selected your time clock name and time zone, click Finish in the top right.



    Now, your time clock will work for the employees that are assigned to the client that you assigned your time clock to.