Getting Started

    Before you set up your time clock, make sure you have created your client account that this time clock will be associated to. If you have not created a client account yet, go to Add Clients on your master console.

    If you have created your client account, follow these steps:

    Add time clock via your client account.


    1. Login to the client account that will be associated with the time clock.

    2. Click Settings from the side navigation bar, and select Punch Management.

    3. On the Time Clocks section, click the add button located on the top right corner.

    4. Enter the Device idName/Location, and Timezone.

    5. Click the green check arrow to add the time clock.

    6. Once you boot up your time clock, give the time clock a minute to automatically associate itself with the client account that the time clock was added to.

    7. When the time clock is associated with the client account the screen should look like this with the client account name on the top left corner:



    Add time clock through the app.

    The time clock will come with instructions on how to turn the time clock on. Once you turn it on and the time clocks load, you will be greeted with a welcome screen.



    1. Tap Get Started to continue. 


    Once you select the Get Started link it will ask you to log into your Master Console and add the timeclock to your account there.