In uAttend Staffing, you can set up holiday pay days for your users.

    To add a new holiday, follow these steps:

    1. Click Settings from the main menu.

    2. Click the Time Card from the sub-navigation.

    3. In the Holiday section, click the add + icon. .

    4. In the Date field, enter the holiday date. 

    5. In the Holiday Name field enter the name of the holiday. 

    6. In the Paid Hours field, enter the number of paid hours for employees who will not be working on the holiday.

    7. From the Pay Code drop-down menu, select the pay code (e.g., Reg, OT1, etc.) for employees who will be working on the holiday.

    8. From the Apply to All drop-down menu, select Yes if you wish for this holiday to apply to all employees.

    If the holiday will apply to only some or none of your employees, select No. Then see "Assigning Holiday Time to Users" below to assign the holiday to each individual user.

    9. From the Working drop-down menu, select Yes if some or all of your employees will be working on the holiday.

    10. Click Save.



    After you have entered holiday pay days into the system, you can specify which holidays apply to each individual employee.

    To assign holiday time to an employee, follow these steps:

    1. Click Users in the main menu.

    2. Click the edit icon for the employee to whom you'd like to apply the holiday.

    3. Navigate to the Holidays step.

    4. From the assigned holidays, click edit to configure the holiday settings. 

    5. Select if the holiday is a working holiday or not. 

    If the holiday is a working holiday, select the pay code that will be applied to the hours worked on the holiday. If the holiday is not a working holiday, enter the hours that will be added to the employee's time card.

    6. Click Save.