After you create your master account, the next thing you will want to do is to add a client. Once you login to your account, you will be directed to the client list on the dashboard. The client list will display all the clients that exist under your master account and allow you view or edit relevant information. Follow the instruction below to create a client account:

     Getting Started

    Navigate to the dashboard on your account if you are not there.The dashboard will contain the client list - click add located on the top right

     Step 1 - Client Information

    1. In client name, enter the name of the client account (required).

    2. In client site name, enter the name of the url. This will be the url users would use to access this client account (required).

    3. In the contact first name and last namephone number, and fax number, enter the client account's contact information.

    4. On the right side, enter the client account's address.


     Step 2 - Buy Time Clocks

    1. Click Buy Now to purchase a time clock.

    2. In the time clock quantity field, enter the number of time clocks you wish to purchase.

    3. Every time an address is added for a order, it is automatically added to the address book field. For future purchases, you can select addresses that have been used before.

    4. Enter the shipping address for the following fields: attention, address line 1, address line 2, city, sate, zip.

    5. In the phone number field, enter the contact phone number for the order.

    6. In the email address field, enter the contact email address for the order.

    7. In the shipping method field, select the shipping method for the purchase.

    8. Once you have finished filling out all the information, click Add Order.

    9. After you have complete fill out an order, you will be directed to the Order Details page.

    10. From here, you can edit, delete, or add a new order.

    11. You can have multiple time clock purchases shipped out to different locations in one order if you want. Just click New Order and repeat the process explained above.

    Once you are done add time clock purchases, click the next button located on the top right corner of the page.
    Step 3 - Assign Time Clocks

     You can now assign existing time clocks to new clients. If you have time clocks that are not being used by another client, you can assign them to the new client.

    1. The assign time clocks page allows you to assign any extra time clocks you have to your new client.

    2. The left side lists all the clients that have a time clock. Clicking on the client name will expand with a list of all the time clocks under that client.

    3. To assign the time clock to the new client, simply click the right arrow, and the time clock will be moved to the right side, indicating it has been assigned to the new client.

    4. Once assigned to the new client, you can edit the name and the timezone.

    All time clocks that are not assigned to a client will be listed under "no client."

    Step 4 - Review

     The last step is to review all the information for client creation. Review the client information and the time clock purchases. At the bottom of the page, there should also be a summary of the billing: updates to your monthly subscription and time clocks purchase total (time clock price, shipping, and tax).

    Console Admins

    When new clients are created. all active console admins are added as client admins to the account.

    View Clients


    The client list lives under the dashboard (the first icon on the side navigation bar)

    The first page you will see when you log into your master account is the dashboard

    The dashboard contains the client list which contains all the clients under your master account and its details:

      • Account name
      • Account ID
      • Number of employees
      • Number of departments
      • Number of time clocks
      • Login as

    • You can also search for clients using the search bar or filter your clients by status.

    Edit Clients

    • Click the expand icon to view more details
    • To edit client information, click edit
    • Edit icons will appear next to fields that are editable, simply click into the field and edit
    • Once you are done making the edits you want, click save, or click on cancel to remove the changes