Punching In/Out with CB Series Time Clocks

    One way to punch in to the uAttend system is by calling in with a touch-tone phone. If your users will punch in and out using touch-tone phone punching, select My Account from the menu in the upper-right corner of the screen. The call-in numbers appear in the Optional Phone Punches section. You can choose either phone number listed (760-621-3212 or 888-907-1481). To switch phone numbers, click the Edit link that appears in this section. Make sure to click Saveafter you make another selection. The cost of calling in to the 760 number is $0.06 per call and the cost for the 888 number is $0.08 per call.

    Punching In Using a Touch-Tone Phone

    To punch in using a touch-tone phone, follow these steps:

    1. When a user calls one of the phone numbers for punching in/out, they will be prompted for the company ID. The company ID can be found at the top of any uAttend screen.

    2. Next, the user will be prompted for their department ID. This can be found on the main Departments screen.

    3. Finally, the user will be prompted for their PIN. This can be found on the user's profile by clicking the Users tab, then selecting the user's name to display their profile. Click Punch Management and scroll down to the PIN Number section to view the user's PIN.

    Adding Caller IDs

    If your employees will punch in and out by phoning in, you can specify the phone number(s) from which they are allowed to call. The Caller ID feature is an optional feature.

    To add a new number, follow these steps:

    1. Click the Settings tab on the main menu.

    2. Click the Punch Management link.

    3. Scroll down to the Caller IDs section and click Add Caller ID.

    4. Enter the phone number, including area code.

    5. Enter a name for the location.

    6. Click Add.

    You may add as many phone numbers as you like. The service will check the caller ID of the employee wishing to punch in/out. If the phone number does not match, the call will be rejected.

    One way to punch in to the uAttend system is by using the URL that you set up when you created your uAttend account. When an employee logs in to uAttend, the Punch screen appears.

    To punch in, users click the Punch In button. The employee can also add a note to their punch that will appear on their timecard. This allows employees to communicate details about their shift to the administrator or supervisor.

    If they are already punched in, the Punch Out button will be highlighted. To punch out, users click the Punch Outbutton.

    If the Break and Lunch features are enabled, the employees can also start and stop lunches and start and stop breaks. These punches will appear on the employees' timecards.

    If the Job Tracking feature is enabled, the employees can punch in and out of jobs by clicking Start Job and End Job.

    One way to punch in to the uAttend system is on a time clock.

    If your employees use a time clock with an RFID card sensor, the administrator must first assign a badge number to each employee using the steps in Setting Up Users for Badge Punching.

    To punch in/out using an RFID card, the employee will swipe their card in front of the card sensor and wait for the time clock to read the card. The audio on the time clock will either beep or say "Thank you," indicating that the card has been    successfully read.

    If your employees use a PIN to punch in to a time clock, the administrator must first assign a PIN to each employee. See Setting Up Users for PIN Punching.

    To punch in/out using a PIN, the employee will enter their 4-digit PIN on the time clock's keypad and press OK.