Using the Application

    The Citadel Mobile Application will allow employees to record their start times, meal times, rest periods and end times right from their smartphone. Once your employees have downloaded the Citadel mobile Application on their smartphone, they will be ready to go ahead and complete the two step set up. Here we will provide a walkthrough of the setup process for the Citadel mobile Application:

    1. Open you Citadel Mobile Application

    2. Provide you Site Name URL and select Next to continue. If you are unsure of where to locate your Site Name, you can select the 'Find my organization site name' link underneath the Next button, provide your email address and the Citadel Mobile Application will email you a reminder of your Site Name. Likewise, you can look at your web address when signed into your online Citadel portal and retrieve that same information. For example, SITE NAME HERE)


    3. After selecting Next you will be asked to provide your Employee PIN. Go ahead and enter your PIN, followed by the Next button to access the Punch Dashboard.


    4. If you are unsure of your Employee Pin, contact your site administrator and ask them to confirm your Employee Pin from your Employee Profile. 

    Offline Punching allows your employees to punch from their smartphone without requiring an internet connection. Punches made while in offline mode will be stored on the device and will upload to your cloud account when the device reconnects to the internet. Below are the steps for enabling Unrestricted Offline Punches:

    1. As a user with permissions to edit policies, access the Punch Management and set 'Allow Smartphone Punch' to Yes, along with setting 'Unrestricted Offline Punches' to Yes. 


    2. Your active punching people will now have access to punch on the Citadel Smartphone Application, even without connection to the internet. 

    Note: When 'Unrestricted Offline Punches' is set to Yes, all lockout and Geo-locations currently active will be disabled until a network connection is re-established. 


    Every punch on the Citadel Mobile Application is instantly sent to the cloud in real time. This article will provide the user with a walkthrough on how to perform a successful punch on the Citadel Mobile Application using Quick Punching:


    1. From the Punch Dashboard, the user will be provided with a number of punch options, based on their current punch status. Punch Options for Meal and Rest will only be available if those policies are assigned to the user on the account. 

    Mobile_Quick_Punch_2.jpeg2. User will drag the Time Clock in the center of the page to whichever punch type is required. 

    3. User will be provided a punch confirmation screen detailing the time of their punch, along with the department they have punched in to. 


    4. If the user does not see their required Punch Type, swiping across to ALL from QUICK will open up all other possible punch options. 


    Transferring between departments has never been easier with the Citadel Mobile Application. Using this feature will provide the user the ability to transfer their current department, into any other available department, providing the account holder a clear record of which department the employee has been working within. Provided below is a walkthrough of how to perform a successful department transfer using the Citadel Mobile Application:

    1. From the Punch Dashboard there will be a Department Transfer Icon, visible to users with the ability to Transfer Departments.


    2. Users will select the Department Transfer Icon and be redirected to a page with all Departments available to transfer into. 


    3. The user will select the Department required and confirm the choice by selecting the Transfer button at the bottom of the page.


    4. The user will be provided with a Punch Success screen which will provide a confirmation of the Transfer as well as the users Current Status. Department_Transfer_4.png

    5. The user will then be returned to the Punch Dashboard, which will include the employees Current Status