Getting Started

    Once you have created your Citadel account, you are ready to start using your time clock. Follow the steps below to set up your time clock:

    1. Turn on your time clock by holding the power button down until you hear a sound. (Models that do not have a power button on the bottom of the device will start automatically when the power supply is connected.)

    2. Once your time clock is turned on, the welcome screen will display. Tap "Let's Get Started" to begin the process.
    3. The next screen will provide instructions on how to connect your time clock to your account.

      • If you have not created a Citadel account yet, click here.
      • If you have an account, follow these steps:
        • Log in to your account
        • Click time clocks from the menu
        • Click add time clock
        • Enter time clock information and the device ID provided on the time clock

    4. If you are not connected to the Internet, tap on network settings. For more instruction on how to get your time clock connected, click here.

    5. Once your time clock is successfully connected to your Citadel account, you will receive a notification and you can start using your time clock.


     There are two ways to connect your Citadel time clock to the Internet—via WI-FI or Ethernet. Both sets of instructions are listed below.

    Connecting via WI-FI

    To connect your time clock via a WI-FI, follow these steps:

    1. Once you have powered on your time clock, during setup, you will have the option to select network settings.
    2. Select WI-FI.

    3. A list of all WI-FI networks that the time clock detects will appear.


    4. Select the WI-FI network you want to connect to.

    5. If your WIFI network requires a password, enter the password.

    6. Tap join and the time clock will connect to your WIFI network using the credentials you supplied.

    7. You will receive a success notification once you are connected.



    Connecting via Ethernet

    To connect your Citadel time clock via ethernet, follow these steps:

    1. Once you have powered on your time clock, during setup, you will have the option to select network settings.
    2. Select ethernet.


    3. If the time clock has not connected via ethernet yet, the clock will display a confirmation page. Plug in your ethernet cable in the ethernet port located in the back of your time clock if you haven't yet.

    4. Once the ethernet connection is established, you will see a success notification. This can take a few moments.


    - A user with a new time clock will connect the device to the internet using either (WIFI or LAN)

    - Once the device is connected, it will 'Auto-update' and search for the most recent firmware


    - If the firmware is out of date, the clock will immediately begin the download


    - After the firmware update is complete, it will show a success screen


    - The user will then continue the process of setting up their time clock

    - If the clock is on the most recent firmware, it will provide a message saying 'Firmware is up to date' and allow the user to continue the setup process.