Account Settings

    In Citadel, your Active User count is defined by the number of users that currently have a Punch Management Policyassigned to them directly or have inherited from their department, with at least one form a punching enabled (Time Clock, Web, Smartphone). Using the number of Active User's within your account, you will have the ability to update your current Price Plan. Below are the instructions to update your Citadel Price Plan:

    1. Start by selecting your user user profile image in the top right hand side of the page, followed by accessing the Settings option. 


    Note: Only users with Add/Update permissions for Account Settings will have the ability to update the Citadel Price Plan from this page. 

    2. Under Account Information, select the Price Plan icon. 


    3. You will be prompted with an option to update your Price Plan. Select the drop down arrow to see the available plan options, based on your Active Employee count. 


    Note: Only Price Plans containing the current number of Active Users or higher will be available for selection. 

    4. Once you have selected your required Price Plan, select 'Save' to confirm your selection. 

    5. Your Price Plan will now be updated and you will have the freedom to continue adding additional users to your account. 

    Note: Changes made to your Price Plan during this process will be applied on your next billing date