If you have set up your account to use the uText feature, you have the ability to text receipts to your customers.

    To text a receipt to a customer, follow these steps:

    1. Follow the steps in Processing a Transaction to process payment for a transaction.

    The receipt will print and the Print Receipt screen displays.


    2. Press Text Receipt.

    3. Enter the phone number to which you would like to send a message.


    4. Press Enter.

    NOTE: The Text Receipt option will only appear on the Print Receipt screen if you are signed up for uText.

    With uText, your customers can send their orders via text message. When a text message is received, the Text icon on the device will show the number of new text messages.


    1. Press the Text icon to display the Text Messages screen.

    A list of text messages will display.


    2. If you would like a printout of the order, press the Printer icon to print the text message.

    Note: At any time, you can also press the Star icon to add the customer to the Customer Loyalty Program. For more information, see Loyalty Program Settings.

    If you have enabled an auto response for the confirmation message, it will be sent to the customer and will appear on the conversation screen. For more information on customizing messages for text message ordering, see Customizing Messages for uText.

    3. Select the text message from the list to display the text conversation screen.


    4. If you wish, you can select a canned response by pressing the Chat icon or you can manually enter a freeform message in the text box and press Send, then press Close.

    5. When you are ready to enter the order, press the Plus Sign icon to create a new ticket for the order.

    6. Add items to the ticket, using the steps in Adding Products to a Ticket.

    7. Press Hold button to hold the order until the customer arrives.

    NOTE: If you need to edit the order, resume the held order (by selecting Resume from the Functions menu) and press the Pen icon to make changes.


    8. You can send the customer a message at any time. You can inform them that the order is being made, tell them when it will be ready, or send any other message that you wish.

    9. When the customer arrives, press the Text icon to display the Text Messages screen or press the Resume button to resume the held order. For more information, see Holding and Resuming a Transaction.

    10. When the ticket displays, press the $ icon to process payment, using the steps in Processing a Transaction.