Setting Up Kitchen Printers

    The Kitchen Printers feature lets you to assign a specific external network printer or printers by category and subcategory and automatically sends slip tickets to the specified external printer(s).

    This feature will only function if you have an external network printer. For assistance with setting up your external printer, see Setting up a Slip Printer.  

    To enable Kitchen Printers, follow these steps:

    1. From the Products tab, select Categories.

    2. In Categories section, click Edit next to the category you would like to assign a specific printer to.

    3. In the External Printers section, select which external printer(s) items in each subcategory will automatically print to.


    4. Click Save.

    Note: If Restaurant Receipts are enabled, you will need to send slip tickets to the specified external network printer manually by pressing the Printer icon and pressing Print Slip. 

    If Restaurant Receipts are disabled, the slip tickets will automatically print to the specified external network printer at the end of the transaction once the user rings up the order and enters the final tender. 

    For more on Restaurant Receipts, click here