To set up a product discount in your uAccept POS account, follow these steps:

    1. From the System Management tab, select Discounts.

    2. Click Add.


    3. In the Name field, enter a name for the discount.

    4. In the Description field, enter a discount description, if desired.

    5. In the Barcode field, enter a discount barcode, if applicable.

    Note: Barcode discounts created will be applied as an Each Qualified Item discount type on the POS.

    6. From the Select Fee Type drop-down menu, select Dollar Amount or Percentage.

    7. In the Dollar Amount or Percentage field, enter the dollar or percentage amount of the discount.

    If Dollar Amount is selected, click the Discount can be applied more than once per transaction checkbox if you wish to apply the discount more than once in a transaction. Otherwise, leave unchecked and you will not be allowed to apply the dollar discount more than once in a transaction.

    8. In the Effective Period field, use the pop-up calendar to select the start date and end date that the discount will be effective (optional). 


    9. Click Apply.


    10. In the Grace Period field, enter the number of minutes after the expiration that a discount can be accepted.

    11. From the Pre/Post Tax drop-down menu, select  Pre-Tax Discount or Post-Tax Discount.

    This field determines whether the discount is taken before or after tax is calculated.

    12. In the Discount can be combined concurrently with field, select the other discounts with which this discount can be combined.

    13. From the Discount Assigned To drop-down menu, select CategoriesSubcategories, or Products.

    If you select Categories, a list of categories will appear, if you select Subcategories, a list of subcategories will appear, if you select Products, a list of products will appear. This selection determines the qualified categories, subcategories, or products that the discount will apply to.

    14. Select the categories, subcategories, or products to which this discount will be assigned.

    15. From the Apply Discount to drop-down menu, select Items OnlyTransactions OnlyItems and Transactions, or Each Qualified Item.

    • Items Only — A discount that is applied to a single item only.
    • Transactions Only — A discount that is applied to the subtotal of discountable items in a transaction.
    • Items and Transactions — A discount that can be applied to a single item and the subtotal of discountable items in a transaction.
    • Each Qualified Item — A discount that is automatically applied to each individual item that qualifies in the transaction. This discount application type supports how discounts work prior to software Version 3.3.06.

    16. From the Status drop-down menu, select Active.

    17. Click Save.

    For more on how to apply discounts on the POS, see Discounts

    Your uAccept system can allow customers to receive free items.

    To set up your free item settings, follow these steps:

    1. From the System Management tab, select General Settings.

    2. Click Edit.

    3. In the Free Items section at the bottom of the screen, select one of the following options:

    • Free items are considered free and first item returned is for 0.
    • All items purchased to receive the free item, including the free item itself, are discounted by the value of the free merchandise.

    4. Click Save.