Please download this file to build your customer import spreadsheet. For instructions on building and uploading your customer spreadsheet, see Importing Customers via CSV


    You have the ability to import your customer list into your account using a CSV spreadsheet. This feature makes adding customers to your account fast and easy. 

    Note: Only the First NameLast NamePhone Number and/or Email, and Birthdate columns are required in the spreadsheet. All other columns are optional.

    In order to successfully import your customer list, make sure your CSV spreadsheet is in the same format as our sample spreadsheet below. 


    To build your product spreadsheet, follow these steps: 

    1. Download the Customer Import Template here

    2. In the First Name column, enter the customer's first name (this field is required).

    3. In the Last Name column, enter the customer's last name (this field is required).

    4. In the Phone Number column, enter the customer's phone number (this field may be required depending on your Loyalty Program settings). 

    5. In the Email Address column, enter the customer's email address (this field may be required depending on your Loyalty Program settings).

    6. In the Address Line 1 column, enter the customer's street address, if desired. 

    7. In the Address Line 2 column, enter additional information for the customer's street address, if desired. 

    8. In the City column, enter the customer's city, if desired.

    9. In the State column, enter the customer's state, if desired.

    10. In the Zip Code column, enter the customer's zip code, if desired. 

    11. In the Birth Date column, enter the customer's birth date (this field is required). If you do not wish to enter the customer's birthdate, you may enter 01/01/1900.

    12. In the Store Credit column, enter a store credit dollar amount, if applicable. If a store credit amount does not apply, you must enter 0. 

    Note: While you are able to give customers a store credit dollar amount, this feature is not yet fully functional, but will be soon. 

    13. In the Tags field, enter any tags you would like to add to the customer, if desired. Enter any number of tags, separated by a comma. Tags are useful for organizing or filtering your customer list. 

    14. In the Notes column, enter any information you would like to track for the customer, if desired. These notes are only visibly to the users of the POS and are not viewed by the customer at any time. 

    15. Save your spreadsheet as a .CSV file.

    To upload your customer list into your account, follow these steps: 

    1.  From the Customers tab, select Customer List.

    2. From the Customer List menu, select, All Customers.

    3. From the Customer List, click Import List


    4. To upload your CSV file, click Choose File, browse for your CSV file, select your CSV file, and click Upload.



    In this article:

    View Customers

    Import Customers

    Export Customers


    View Customers

    Click the Customers tab, then select Customer List. 

    Click All Customers to view all customers in your system. Filter lists of customers by clicking Loyalty Members, or Store Credit Members.

    Click Add Customer to add a new customer to the database.


    Import Customers

    Select Import under Tasks on the Customer List page. Browse for your CSV file and select Upload to upload your spreadsheet to your uAccept account. For more details on building your customer spreadsheet, see Importing Customers via CSV.


    Export Customers

    Select Export under Tasks on the Customer List page. 

    Export a .csv file with all of your customer data from the All Customers view. 

    Filter the export from the Loyalty Members or Store Credit Members view.