Screen Displays

    You can set up multiple screen displays for your POS device. When you set up your menus, you can specify that the menus only appear on your device during specific times and days. If you have multiple screen displays set up, they will scroll horizontally to the left on the device. One common use for this might be to set up a Happy Hour menu where prices are different on products for a specific period of time. This can also be used for other time-sensitive menus such as a breakfast menu.

    To add a new screen display, follow these steps:

    1. From the Products tab click Screen Displays.

    2. Click Add.

    3. In the Name field, enter a name for this display (e.g., "Happy Hour").

    4. In the Description field, enter a description, if desired.

    5. In the Store field, select which store you would like to use this menu. If you only have one store, select that one.

    6. From the Display Schedule Type drop-down menu, select Always ActiveSimple, or Complex.
    • If you select Always Active, the screen display will be the default screen.
    • If you select Simple, you can enter a start and end time and select the days that this screen display will be active. For example, if you are setting up a breakfast menu, you may wish for this menu to display only from 6:00am–10:00am on weekdays.
    • If you select Complex, you can enter start and end times for each specific day that this menu will be active. For example, you may want to set up drink specials at different times on weekends.
    7. From the Status drop-down menu, make sure Active is enabled.


    Next, you will select products to add to this screen display. Use the Search Products box to search for products in your account by beginning to type the name of the product. NOTE: The search box does not recognize capital letters, so type the product name in all lowercase.

    8. Select each product that you wish to add to this display.

    9. Select the Modify Prices checkbox if you wish to modify the price of the selected products within your screen display. If you do not wish to modify the product price, leave this box unchecked.


    10. Click Add.

    11. Enter the desired modified price for each item in the Price Modifier pop-up.

    NOTE: Modifying the product price within the Screen Display will not affect the product's price in its normal category. 


    12. Once the desired price is entered, click Save Changes.

    13. To re-edit the screen display price, click on the $ icon.


    14. In the Edit Price pop-up, select Set Custom Price and enter the desired product price or select Use Default Price to use the default product price. Click Save Changes.


    15. Arrange the products in the order that you wish for them to appear by dragging the product icons to the desired positions.


    16. When you are finished setting up the screen display, click Save.